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My Top Twenty Playmates Of This Century So Far

Since the beginning of 2008, there hasn’t been a single Playmate who has become
a major personal favorite of mine. I have seen glimpses of both Ciara Price and
Rainy Day Jordan and can safely say that it’s almost impossible this will change
by the end of this year.

So here’s my list as it stands today after having recently revisited it. A few
honorable mentions are given in the end.

1. Sara Jean Underwood

2. Lindsay Wagner

3. Stephanie Larimore

4. Amanda Paige

5. Brooke Berry

6. Lindsey Vuolo

7. Jennifer Walcott

8. Shannon Stewart

9. Irina Voronina

10. Alison Waite

11. Crista Nicole

12. Tiffany Fallon

13. Pennelope Jimenez

14. Lauren Michelle Hill

15. Jayde Nicole

16. Neferteri Shepherd

17. Hiromi Oshima

18. Marketa Janska

19. Divini Rae

20. Nicole Voss

Honorable Mentions – Pilar Lastra, Nicole Whitehead, Cara Zavaleta, Raquel
Gibson, Janine Habeck, Giuliana Marino, Heather Rene Smith, Sasckya Porto



Since it’s fun to compare lists here’s my top 20 since 2000:

1. Lindsey Vuolo
2. Janine Habeck
3. Pennelope Jimenez
4. Jessica Burciaga
5. Amber Campisi
6. Miriam Gonzalez
7. Pilar Lastra
8. Raquel Gibson
9. Hiromi Oshima
10. Iryna Ivanova
11. Sasha Bonilova
12. Tiffany Fallon
13. Sasckya Porto
14. Stephanie Heinrich
15. Amy Leigh Andrews
16. Anka Romensky
17. Monica Leigh
18. Patrice Hollis
19. Lauren Anderson
20. Shanna McLaughlin

Honorable mention – Dasha Astafieva, Candice Cassidy, Crystal McCahill, Courtney Rachel Culkin, Francesca Frigo, Crista Nicole, Neferteri Shepherd, Heather Rene Smith, Shannon Stewart, Jaclyn Swedberg, Teles twins, Kelley Thompson, Buffy Tyler, Irina Voronina




Okay…I’ll play along:

1. Lindsey Vuolo
2. Jennifer Walcott
3. Summer Altice
4. Hope Dworaczyk
5. Olivia Paige
6. Kelly Carrington
7. Heather Rae Young
8. Suzanne Stokes
9. Krista Kelly
10. Michele Rogers
11. Nicole Whitehead
12. Rebecca Ramos
13. Nicole Narain
14. Monica Leigh
15. Aliya Wolf
16. Christine Smith
17. Buffy Tyler
18. Brooke Berry
19. Katie Lohmann
20. Shannon Stewart




This has become interesting to see who people like. Here it goes.
1) Shannon Stewart

2) Pennelope Jimenez

3) Lindsey Vuolo

4) Kelly Carrington

5) Crista Nicole

6) Tiffany Fallon

7) Janine Habeck

8) Irina Voronina

9) AJ Alexander

10) Amy Leigh Andrews

11) Alison Waite

12) Dasha Astafieva

13) Amanda Paige

14) Candice Cassidy

15) Raquel Gibson

16) Stephanie Larimore

17) Jaime Faith Edmondson

18) Marketa Janska

19) Dalene Kurtis

20) Cara Zavaleta

Honorable Mention: Jaclyn Swedberg, Amanda Cerny (Too Early Yet for these 2), Lauren Michelle Hill, Laurie Fetter, Sandra Hubby, Tyran Richard, Kimberly

I loved Lindsey from the moment her issue and preview pictures came out and was
my choice for PMOY that year just ahead of Crista Nicole. She was the first
PMOM I remember having her legs open for the whole world to see in her

At the end of the year, I was thinking of doing a ranking of 2011 Playmates. I
can say that Cerny and Swedberg are in the top 3 along with Mattingly. They are
head and shoulders above the other PMOM for me at the moment. I have a feeling that Berglund will end up being the PMOY just because of her “helping” Hef with Crystal leaving him the week before the wedding. She is in the top half so far
for me, but if she slept with him like he supposedly says that he can get it up,
she probably deserves for taking one for the team.

Jerm Pin



After Lisa Matthews Lindsey is my favorite PM of all time.
Here is my list:
1) Lindsey Vuolo
2)Amy Leigh Andrews
3)Janine Habeck
4)Shannon Stewart
5)Lauren Anderson
5)Brooke Berry
6)Brittany Binger
7)Miriam Gonzalez
8)Amanda Page
9)Amber Campisi
10)Laurie Fetter
11)Marketa Janska
12)Audra Lynn
13)Kelly Carrington
14)Michelle McLaughlin
15)Kayla Collins
16)Lindsey Gayle Evans
17)Nicole Whitehead
18)Candice Cassidy
19)Shannon James
20)Lindsay Wagner



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