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CC: Kelley Brooke Thompson

The bearskin rug, the fireplace, the rustic cabin in the woods, all are a fine setting to show off that wonderful figure. The donuts, accented by the blue hair – – whoops! Wrong centerfold!

In Kelley Thompson’s centerfold (November 2009) we meet in the best hotel in town for a few moments away from the world. In a hotel setting we don’t know if this meeting is licit or illicit, and frankly here it doesn’t matter.

Kelley is further proof that the Girl Next Door is not dead. In the real world, Kelley could be a strung out starlet with eyes on a drug-rich Sugar Daddy, but here in the centerfold she is the girl we knew in High School, the girl in our dreams as we fell asleep, the girl riding with us into the sunset.

Maybe no one else sees this setting as a hotel room, and to be truthful, for me it is primarily the chair that leads me there. Irrespective of where it is or is supposed to be, the lighting here is masterful, with muted tones of browns, greys and blacks making Kelley look as beautiful as possible.

The pose is a fantastic choice, with her slight lean forward showing off Kelley’s breasts and a string of peals drawing attention to her fine derriere. Capping it off with an inviting smile like hers is a fitting erotic keystone.

Photographer: Arny Freytag

Pin-up: 3.0
Erotic: 2.5
Artistic: 4.0

Overall: 3.0 out of 4.0

Mark Tomlonson

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