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Swim Style 2011 hosted by Playmate Miss November 2009 Kelley Thompson

by Lucy Joplin | June 17, 2011

On June 25th, Playboy Playmate Kelley Thompson Miss November 2009 will be joining the fun at  La Torretta Resort & Spa to host Swim Style 2011, an exciting fashion show featuring some of today’s hottest designers!

Bring your friends for the show starting at 4 in the afternoon in the adult swimming pool area.

DJ Marc Thyssen will keep everyone entertained with his Latin-inspired remixes.

Designers featured include Betsey Johnson, Beach Bunny Swimwear, Zingara Swimwear, Becca by Rebecca Virtue, Playboy Swim, and Vitamin A by Amalia Stevens.

If you love music, check out the sounds of popular local bands Silver Shoes and Guppies from Outer Space every Saturday afternoon starting at 3 p.m. at La Torretta Resort & Spa.

Looking for family fun on Saturday night? Fireworks displays are held at La Toretta every Saturday night until Labor Day weekend!  Call to find out about the Little Palm Fireworks Cruise on Saturday nights this summer!

Now through September, bring your kids to Kid’s Camp for safe, supervised activities including face painting, balloon animals, miniature golf and S’mores!

Bored teenagers at home? Take them to The Edge where they can play Wii with their friends, race remote control cars, and learn how to make overstuffed furniture in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.


La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa is located at 600 La Torretta Blvd in Montgomery, Texas. For more information, visit:;  call: 936-448-3103: or email:

Conclusions After Semi Finalists Are Announced In Favorite Playmate Bracket

Firstly I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I did not get even one semi finalist correct.

Actually among all the people who shared their bracket selections with me, only one got two correct, two got one correct and the rest scored a pure zook like me.

Even worse is that none of us have any chance of getting even one finalist correct.

There is a small matter which pleases me though. Some time back I made an ordered list of my top twenty favorite Playmates from the 2000s. Out of them two have managed to reach the semi finals. I am voting for them now and hoping one of them is the overall winner.

Taking a closer look at the four Playmates who have made it this far, I have to say I think they are all wonderful in their own right. I have felt for a long time and even said at times that I believe that it’s not always the Playmate with the most perfect figure who is loved the most. Rather it’s often something about that lady that connects with you or something that you like very much and sometimes can’t even put a clear finger on. Most of these Playmates are not the ones with the best bodies but they all have something uniquely interesting to offer. Here are my views on each of them.

1. Nicole Voss – A throw back to the classic era. She is likely to be a big favorite of an old world romantic. She does not have the best shape and/or size for some body parts but her height and overall build does give her an impressive personality. Her face may divide opinion but by and large people like it and it’s uniqueness is a big plus point. Her complexion deserves a special mention. I can’t help but talk about her pubic hair. While not the favorite look of the current times, some fans went gaga over it because it was like seeing the treasures of the 70s and 80s once again. Nicole is currently not part of the active scene but while she was, I have heard that she was so extraordinarily nice to fans that some other Playmates would do well to learn from her.

2. Kelley Thompson – Actually her face isn’t as pretty as it appears in some pictures. Seen from some angles she doesn’t look all that great. However she knows well how to present herself and is a good model. There are several pictures in which she really captivates you. I would say her greatest quality is her sweetness. I would find it hard to say who was the last Playmate who seemed this sweet. While we men claim to be crazy about the hottest girls the surprising truth is that at times we end up falling for the sweetest ones. Kelley comes off as that woman who would fit so well in a home – a dream wife who could make life a real pleasure in virtually every way. That she is already married and sticking loyally to it makes the fantasy even more believable since it is quite close to reality.

3. Stephanie Larimore – I just said that the top Playmates are not necessarily the ones with the best bodies but this lady is an exception. We could even call her a near perfect ten. Oh and that ass is meant for building dreams on. Her face does not have the uniqueness of say Nicole Voss and some would consider it a little more of the regular kind. Then again if you like cute girls then she is the one for you because she is just so awfully cute. As far as I am concerned she is one of the cuddliest Playmates I can think of. Any time I look at her the only thing that comes to mind is the desire to wrap her tightly around myself. 🙂

4. Tiffany Selby – Of the four Playmate semi finalists, it’s Tiffany’s appeal that is perhaps the most difficult to understand and explain. She by no means possesses the best physicality of all but she has that certain something that is difficult to put a clear finger on. It’s probably something about her eyes, the way she expresses herself using them and her ability to connect very easily with the viewer in a way that several Playmates just cannot. She backs up all that with a physicality that she presents very well. She is probably the best model among these four and that helps her to create something very special at times in both pictures and videos. Watch her bodcast video for example. It drives me bonkers. Overall Tiffany comes off as a girl that intrigues you, who you would want to befriend, who you could feel comfortable with and easily relate to but at the same time she can effortlessly add that extra bit of sexiness to spice up things just when needed.



Re: Favorite Playmate Bracket

Yes I too like Stephanie more than Jayde. I didn’t expect Stephanie to defeat Jayde but I am glad she did.

Kelly Carrington losing was a surprise. I didn’t know Crystal McCahill is that popular.

Tiffany Fallon losing in the first round I too found unfortunate. Seeing no Playmate from 2004 make it to the second round and 2009 Playmates in general doing very well, I can’t help but feel that the recency factor also played a part.

In my selection only Nicole Voss is still there but I did not choose her as a semi finalist and have thus lost all chances of getting even one semi finalist correct.

Yes I too did not expect Kimberly Phillips to progress at the expense of Pilar Lastra and Jillian Grace but now I think she will beat Nicole Voss and make it to the semi finals.

I also did well in the Best Butt bracket getting two semi finalists correct including the losing finalist. These were the popular Jamie Graham and the adorable Patrycja Mikula.

Considering that Playmates is my major passion I would have expected to do at least as well this time if not better but alas.

Anyway as far as the current bracket is concerned I think Hope Dworaczyk will be the overall winner but I am not at all sure who the losing finalist will be.


I didn’t like Jayde that much. Stephanie is a much better GND look. Kelly and Tiffany losing in the first round really hurt me. I still have just Hope alive as my only selection still alive. I love Kimberly but thought she would be out by now. I won a year’s free subscription 2 years ago on this with a Best Butt of Cyber Girls. I had 3 of the final four and the final round. I chose the wrong one of the 2 but came close to winning it.


I picked Nicole Voss, and I’m not surprise she made it so far. She has one of the easiest route to the Elite 8, but I’m not sure she could beat Kimberly Phillips. My big disappointment was Pilar losing in first round.

I think if I went with my heart on who I like instead of going with what I thought is the more popular choice, I would have done better. For example, I like Kelley Thompson a lot but didn’t expect her to go this far. Upset that Kelly Carrington loss to Crystal McCahill in first round, maybe Kelly fans didn’t turn out to vote. I’m a big fan of Stephanie Larimore but would never thought she would win over Jayde Nicole.

Finally, the biggest shocker is Regina Deutinger. She was my pick for PMOY a few years ago, but she totally disappeared and took herself out of contention. I would never expect her to win over this tournament, but somehow she is now in the Elite 8 and 1 win from the Final 4. Like I said, if I only went with my heart I would have picked Regina to the Finals but I have her out in the earlier
rounds. I’m terribly disappointed Alison Waite was ousted by Tamara Witmer who I can’t stand since her appearance on Rock of Love.

— In, “madfanishere” <madfanishere@…> wrote:
> I’ve made my selections… I’m partial to the early 80s, but found the idea of this bracket interesting, so decided to fill it out. I didn’t worry about prizes or fan popularity with my choices. Instead, I looked at the two pictures presented and choose from that.
> My Elite 8 are: Shannon, Nicole, Holley, Monica, Amanda, AJ, Tiffany, Tamara.
> My Final 4: Nicole, Holley, AJ, Tiffany
> With AJ winning out over Holley.
> This makes me want to go back and do more comparisons with my spreadsheet of all playmates.
> — In, “E” <eric_homeloans@> wrote:
> >
> > I’m wondering how you guys filled out your brackets? There were some tough match ups, like Hope and Sara in one of the early rounds, but this is one my more easier Playboy brackets to fill out, it took me all 2 minutes. Don’t know how the actual results will match my picks though.


[PML1] GC 50 (late and long)

I go from no job (and no money) to new job that sucks every spare hour from my life. I’m not complaining, I just wish this job had showed up *before* GC did. Would have bought more stuff, gotten more snapshots. Ya, I know, cry you a river.

One of the first women I talked to was Tera Patrick since she was right by the entrance. She has a lot more tattoos on her (and makeup) than I remember seeing in the past. I asked her about that, if it was a porn industry thing or a personal thing. Based on her expression she thought that was an odd question. But she said she got her tats because she wanted to get them, not for any sort of “it’s the thing to do now” in porn. And she couldn’t speak for any other porn stars.

I got a ticket for the Hugh and Crystal signing. That was a waste, though I didn’t know till later that Hefner was feeling pretty terrible and manned it through an hour. Would have been nice to get his signature and Crystal’s but not my day.

What was my day was seeing Claire Sinclair in person. Except for Tiffany Taylor, Linda O’Neil was the only model at these shows who could make me just stand there and look at her like I’d forgotten how to walk. But now Claire also does that (and my wallet is afraid again). If she’s not PMOY then Hugh must hate Playboy fans. I’ve seen retro models before at GCs, the standard bangs/Bettie Page hair look and the polka dots dresses, but they usually look like it’s not really them. Claire is for real, she looks like she should have been born in Bettie’s era. Her smile is like crack. She was hired for the Bettie Page stores as a spokeswoman, which defines “no-brainer”, her outfits for both days were from that clothing line and they killed. Her sister was there with her but I honestly can’t remember what she looked like. I remember she was very pretty but she must have hated feeling invisible.

It must have been Retro Weekend because Deanna Brooks was there on Sunday with the Dancing Playmates (Serria Tawan, Neferteri Shepherd, Hiromi Oshima) and they were dressed up like they should have been in Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” video. I told her they looked like the military version of the X-Men which got a laugh out of her. She is fantastic, could pose right now, and the four of them had a good vibe to their dance routines (lots of people taking pictures of that!). She says they travel everywhere doing that routine.

I like meeting mother/daughter Playmate duos (spread those beauty genes!), Gale Olson and Crystal McCahill sat together. Crystal wasn’t listed (said her mom dropped the ball there, haha) but looked fantastic, very Megan Fox/Taylor Cole-ish, she took that as a complement. Gale said all she’d really done since Playboy was be a mom (give her a medal for having that daughter) and wasn’t aware of Glamourcon at all until her daughter became a Playmate. Crystal wants to act, directors have told her not to take lessons, which makes sense in the don’t act like every other young actress acts sense.

Ida Ljungqvist looked great (crazy curves for a girl so small), she said she is still modelling for Playboy and had 6 months left on her contract. She is one of those models who is suspicious of requests for atypical poses. Hey, I just want something beyond the standing-facing-forward pose.

I had no idea that Bridgett Rollins was suffering from anything when I met her, she didn’t even mention it. She was cute as hell, like if Calista Flockhart was hot, and told me that she’d modelled before and after posing for Playboy. I’m really glad I got to meet her at this past show.

Kelley Thompson looked really good, said she had her baby and was now going to get back into modelling. Funny how my view of her cute/hot level was changed so much after meeting Claire in person.

It was good to see Carmen Berg again, she hasn’t done GCs for a while. She still looks great, says she acts in commercials and TV. I didn’t know she interviewed Hugh Laurie for Playboy, hope she does more of that.

This shows how little I pay attention to whatever’s printed in the Playmate pictorials. I had no idea that Lee Ann Michelle, one of my favorites from 1979, was English! What a great accent and she’s still so beautiful. It’s hard to remember but I believe she told me that she won the Page 3 Girl of the Year 2 years after she posed for Playboy. Now she runs a modelling agency for Page 3 girls (please hire me!), been doing that for 20 years? No wonder they find so many hot girls out there.

While Claire is the most retrotastic cute/hot Playmate at this GC, Shera Bechard takes the prize for being the most, I don’t know, elegant-looking. She has such wonderful facial features (and a perfect body), I told her she looked like the best-case-scenario combination of Stormy Daniels (porn star) and Jenny Wade (from “The Good Guys”). Her beauty is that type that looks like she should always be wearing an evening gown, gloves, heels and pearls. Her Mystique modelling name grandmother’s, I think so her family wouldn’t know. I think she also said she’ll model more (not just for Playboy).

Lindsey Evans sat near her and said she’d also model more, too. I love her look but it’s infuriating because she reminds me of someone but I can’t remember who. Amazing smile, prettier than her pictorial.

Henriette Allais was not one of my favorites from 1980. I don’t know why after meeting her in person because even now that she’s not in her 20s, she still looks beautiful. What a wonderful French accent she has, she said she lived in France during her Playboy years and totally missed out on that whole experience. She modelled in France for people like Helmut Newton, she has grandkids now. We talked for a while about natural beauty (she has that in spades) and the idiocy of women in their 20s getting plastic surgery when they’re already models or really pretty, all it does it make them look more fake. I wish more pretty girls thought like Henriette.

Another mother/daughter duo was Terri Lynn Doss and her daughter, Maddie. Terri looks like her pictorial (great) says she moved to the O.C., and works for a dating agency. I’d just ask if I could be set up with the owner, haaha. Maddie looks almost exactly like her mom, only with brunette hair. She said she’ll be a Playmate within a year, I can’t wait.

Cynthia Brimhall can still fill out a pair of jeans. She was hot without even trying, very Carrie Stevens-like. She mentioned something about being involved with Vegas productions (like stage shows) but honestly she was so pretty that went right past me.

I didn’t know that Kara Monaco was a rocker. She loves rock and metal, we started talking about Dream Theater (I think because of the concert shirt I was wearing) and she said Mike Portnoy’s drumming was “sick”. Ok, her stock really rose with that statement, I hated to inform her that Portnoy had quit the band.

I almost didn’t recognize Heather Rene Smith. She was thinner than before, to the point that it affected her face. I like the new look but I liked how she looked before, too. The reason she was slimmed down was training for a bike ride (Delaware to California) for the Tour De Sight charity. Ya, that will burn everything off you. She also did or was going to do a mud run for charity. *And* she’d been sick for a week. No wonder she looked so different.

Stephanie Larimore was another new mom, but she said she wanted to do more modelling soon. Same for Olivia Page, who looked fantastic, said she’d been modelling since she was 12, used to do cheerleading catalogs which was funny since she was one of the only models who wasn’t a cheerleader. Ya, I wouldn’t care, either.

Tailor James said she is designing men’s clothing, the line will be out soon online & in boutiques (she wouldn’t reveal the name). She said she’d done catalog lingerie modelling, like for Shirley of Hollywood.

How did I miss Christine Smith being in (and on the cover of) Easy Rider magazine? It was an odd picture in terms of colorspace, but still. She said she was going to be in a Cameron Diaz movie (“Bad Teacher”) soon, and she somehow made it onto a stamp in England. That’s cool, she made some 50 top celebs list.

Jessica Burciaga was finally at a GC! Man, she’s hot in person, like an improved Kim Kardashian/Jennifer Lopez. Unbelievable smile. She’s been in Show magazine a few times, says she loves their photography (if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out) but isn’t so high on them as an organization (they sold her pics to other people). She’d work with them again with a new contract. Damn straight.

Aria Giovanni looked really good, as usual. She said she was going to school (in Northern California, those lucky bastards), still doing her website. She wanted to keep her major private, which I understand.

Like most people I steered clear of the Angie Everhart/Erika Eleniak/Tahnee Welch wallet-crushing machine except to talk to Tahnee for a bit. Man, at times she really looks like her mom. I didn’t know that Raquel was Bolivian.

There were some pretty models there, too. I bought a calendar from Rali Ivanova who is a stunning Russian girl, very cool to talk to. If you saw Tara Babcock (how could you not), she was blonde model who nailed the white-hot stripper/Barbie thing and she wore two very revealing outfits. She said she doesn’t like going to clubs and is a video game nerd. We need more of those.

I missed a lot of Playmates, both due to time and lack of funds. Of course, there were about 5 I had planned on meeting. And then there were a lot of no-shows this time.

It was good to see some of the PMLers who frequent GCs, especially Hairball because he, like I, could not get enough of Claire. And I cost him $60 because I mentioned that I couldn’t afford the Olivia giclee that she was selling. The second he heard that he went over to her table and bought it. Ya, I could have used that job showing up sooner. I like the hotel (the longer drive sucks but is offset by the layout and location away from an airport). I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot.


Glamourcon 50 No Shows

Kelley Thompson was there both days. She sat next to Lindsey Evans Gayle on her right side and Shera Bechard on her left. If you saw Jessica Burciaga and the rest of the girls from 2009 and 2010, you couldn’t have missed her. Maybe she stepped away when you walked by.

The only Playmate not sitting with the rest of the 2009/2010 crew was Crystal McCahill who was sitting with the older Playmates next to her mom. Here is the vid that shows Kelley and the gang:

The one thing I really liked was the sitting arrangement this time. You have the glamor models on one row, the recent PMs together, older PMs on the next row, and some more glamor models and Playboylive girls in the back. Andrea and Playboy radio was at the back corner doing there show. Usually at the old place, they are scattered around all over the place.


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Kelley Thompson - MISS NOVEMBER 2009,2354,5,1,0,2353,5,1,0,2352,5,1,0

PMOTY 2010? Who do you think it will be?

I’m hoping it’s Dasha! I’d like to see this order: Dasha, Kelley, Crystal McCahill, then Lindsey Gale Evans.

Is PMOY going to actually get the cover this year?

— In, “corrazon19” <jpgringo19@

…> wrote:
> I’m guessing Hope. My initial favorite was Jessica Burciaga, but I think Hope has it all.
> Cheers,
> Shan

NYE 2010: Official Playboy New Year's Eve Celebration

Playboy VIP Lounge

Playboy VIP Lounge Tickets: $300
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The 10,000 square foot Playboy VIP Lounge will bring together nightlife and gambling to create an experience true to the Playboy Club’s beginnings. The event will be in celebration of Playboy’s January/ February 2010 double issue and will be co-hosted by 10 Playboy Playmates including Miss January 2010 Jamie Edmondson and Miss February 2010 Heather Young.

Playboy VIP Lounge Tickets Include

  • All Party Ticket Amenities
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Playmates to Appear: Miss February 2010 Heather Young, Miss January 2010 Jamie Edmondson, Miss November 2009 Kelley Thompson, Miss October 2009 Lindsey Evans, Miss March 2009 Jennifer Pershing, Miss September 2008 Valerie Mason, Miss June 2006 Stephanie Larimore, Miss August 2004 Pilar Lastra, Miss June 2004 Hiromi Oshimi, Miss July 2002 Lauren Anderson

For additional questions/details or reservations email or call (312) 226-6990.


January / February 2010 issue - first thoughts

I’ve been gone from here for essentially the last couple months. Subscription ran out with the October issue, and sadly, I decided not to renew. Not sure why, other than I was getting tired of being disappointed. The rehashed pictorials, the shorter playmate stories, the double issue. And, perhaps most symbolically of all that’s gone wrong with the magazine this decade – the removal of the PMOY from the cover. As I think I said back in 2003 – if Playboy doesn’t care enough about the PMOY to put her on the cover, than why should I care about the PMOY?

Well I thought I’d give the magazine another shot, so bought Jan/Feb at the newsstand tonight. I don’t like the double isue, but at least there’d be two centerfolds. Sadly, from the briefest of glances, I’m disappointed again.

The back to back centerfold is just terrible. Would it really have killed them to have two totally separate features, with two totally separate foldouts? Thought that was one of the points of getting rid of the staples – the added flexibility that it would provide in layout of the magazine. Is the heavier weight of the gatefold paper really that much more expensive? The girls themselves are attractive – they deserve their own individual features, with all the requisite pages, not being shortchanged like they are.

I always used to look forward to the Playmate Review. Now, year after year, a lack of original photos. I flipped by and saw the 60s pictorial, and was disappointed that it was no different than any other retread pictorial lately. No creativity, just cost-cutting. Tara Reid also did nothing for me. And the cover is just bad, especially for one that will be hanging around for two months. No creativity, no sexiness. Just blank eyed staring in an awkward pose.

Then just flipping thru the letters, I saw mention of Kelley Thompson being all natural. Really? Playboy gave me a free-month’s subscription to the cyber club the other month for pointing out some error to them (Yay for good customer service!!), but when I saw her video, I was pretty sure I saw some obvious implant scars. Guess I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I still think Kelley is damn cute and very GND. But printing letters that I think have obvious misinformation in them, and not correcting the mistakes, just bugs the editor in me.

I’m sure I’ll actually read the magazine in the days to come. Hopefully in the whole it’s better than the sum of its parts. But will I subscribe again? Probably not based on this issue. Bummer.

— In, keyneth2k@..

. wrote:
> –K: A “MASSIVE double issue?” I guess it all depends on your meaning of the words, “MASSIVE.”
> I didn’t realize PB considers back-to-back CFs, “MASSIVE.”
> I didn’t realize PB considers eight pages of gatefold pix DIVIDED up amongst two PMs, “MASSIVE.”
> I didn’t realize PB considers eight pages of recycled, thumbnail-sized pix for a 60s retrospective, “MASSIVE.”
> I didn’t realize PB considers 204 pages of “DOUBLE issue” from a mag that had upwards of 350 pages in it’s heyday, “MASSIVE.”
> Oh silly ME, here I go againnn, expecting more than PB can deliver these days. After all, times ARE tough, things DO change, gotta roll with the punches, right people?
> — In, “bettestreep2008” <bettestreep2008@> wrote:
> >
> > Well I just received my digital copy – surprising since I thought it expired last month – and here are my first thoughts.
> >
> > My first concern is whether it is another disappointment like the July/August 2009 issue – and sadly it is.
> >
> > It is only 204 pages long – but this time there are 2 separate centerfolds BUT what many of us were dreading is confirmed!
> >
> > Yep – Jamie and Heather’s CF are back to back and there are only 4 pages for each playmate making it a total of 16 pages!
> >
> > If you want to put both centerfolds up on the wall – you have to buy 2 copies! And surprisingly there is very little full frontal nudity in the pictorials.
> >
> > There is a 8 page spread about the 60s – but it’s just another haphazard cut and paste of pics previously published so I’ll have to read the accompanying text to decide if it’s worthwhile.
> >
> > I can’t say I am overwhelmed with this double issue – but I am still hoping for a turnaround in overall quality by the end of 2010.
> >
> > Fingers crossed.


Retrospective Playmate Ranking of the 2000s

I am only doing a Top 5 of each year, there is a lot of ties on the 5 spot because I thought many of them are equally worthy of a top 5 spot. I also have in parenthesis my top 20 of the decade. This is a very important decade to me, because it is the one I really started collecting and following Playboy. A lot of you have Sandra Hubby fairly low in 2004, but she is one of my top 5 of the decade and I consider her a Marissa Miller lookalike when she first pose. I think Alison Waite, Nicole Voss, and Lauren Michelle Hill are a close 1,2, and 3 respectively.

I also ranked the years and the qualities of Playmates. I ranked 2001 my top year because there is 4 top 20s but 2006 is a close second with both 1 and 2 in that same year. I like 2004, 2007, and 2009 equally. I think 2009 is a fairly good year, giving us at least 4 memorable Playmates. I thought 2008 was also a decent year with the likes of Regina Deutinger, Kelly Carrington, and AJ Alexander all very memorable. 2002 and 2003 were the dark years, they did have decent girls like Lauren Anderson and Marketa Janska, but they don’t rank as high on my list. I give Marketa a tie for 20, just so 2003 would have someone ranked.

Also, Sara Jean Underwood was once very high on my list, but recently has dropped a lot for some reason. Still a very sweet girl in my book, but I think her fall is because I really like Alison, Nicole, and Jordan to be PMOY and I thought she robbed them of the title. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in when I wrote this, but SJU probably broke all my Top 5 about two years ago.

The only PMOYs that made my top 20 is Jayde Nicole at 13 and Kara Monaco at 14. Go figure.

Retrospective Playmate Ranking


1. Brooke Berry (6)

2. Nicole Marie Lenz (7)

3. Nichole Van Croft (17)

4. Brande Roderick

5. tie between Shannon Stewart and Summer Altice

2001 – Best of the 2000s

1. Lauren Michelle Hill (3)

2. Jennifer Walcott (9)

3. Crista Nicole (16)

4. Kimberley Stanfield (19)

5. Lindsey Vuolo


1. Lauren Anderson (12)

2. Anka Romensky

3. Teri Harrison

4. Christina Santiago

5. Shallan Meiers


1. Marketa Janska (tie 20)

2. Tailor James

3. Pennelope Jimenez

4. Luci Victoria

5. tie between Carmella Decesare and Colleen Marie


1. Sandra Hubby (4)

2. Pilar Lastra (5)

3. Cara Zavaleta

4. Nicole Whitehead

5. tie between Tiffany Fallon and Stephanie Glasson


1. Kara Monaco (14)

2. Raquel Gibson (18)

3. Courtney Rachel Culkin

4. Amanda Paige

5. Destiny Davis


1. Alison Waite (1)

2. Nicole Voss (2)

3. Jordan Monroe (tie 20)

4. Holley Ann Dorrough

5. Sara Jean Underwood


1. Giuliana Marino (8)

2. Jayde Nicole (13)

3. Sasckya Porto

4. Tyran Richard

5. tie between Shannon James and Lindsay Wagner


1. Regina Deutinger (10)

2. Kelly Carrington (18)

3. Sandra Nilsson

4. A J Alexander

5. tie between Grace Kim and Michelle McLaughlin


1. Hope Dworaczyk (11)

2. Kelley Thompson (15)

3. tie between Jessica Burciaga and Kimberly Phillips (tie 20)

5. Lindsey Gayle Evans

Order of the Best Years of the 2000s

1. 2001

2. 2006

3. 2000

4. tie between 2004, 2007, 2009

5. 2008

6. 2005

7. 2002

8. 2003