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[PML1] GC 50 (late and long)

I go from no job (and no money) to new job that sucks every spare hour from my life. I’m not complaining, I just wish this job had showed up *before* GC did. Would have bought more stuff, gotten more snapshots. Ya, I know, cry you a river.

One […]

Glamourcon 48 Recap Expand

I just wanted to thank John and FobPro for posting the Glamourcon pics. It is nice to see all the Playmates and models on there. I like to say that most of the shots he took were fairly good. However, I don’t want to be a critic or sound like a jackass, but I thought […]

GC 48 (long)

Man, I had no idea how much it could suck being unemployed and having this kind of hobby (autograph collecting). I’d say I missed about half of the show’s attendees because of that, I just couldn’t get as much stuff.

One of the first Playmates I went to was India Allen. Hadn’t seen her in a […]

LA-GC #48

While this upcoming show does not have many GC first-timers (Karen
Velez, Stacy Arthur, and Kelley Thompson [Sun]), #48 does present some
great opportunities for fans and collectors. For one thing, the
following playmates will be making, according to my records, their
first GC appearances in LA: Cheryl Bachman, Candace Collins, Sylvie
Garant, Patti McGuire, and Kathy Shower. […]