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Playboy TV

Re: Favorite Playmate Bracket

Yes I too like Stephanie more than Jayde. I didn’t expect Stephanie to defeat Jayde but I am glad she did.

Kelly Carrington losing was a surprise. I didn’t know Crystal McCahill is that popular.

Tiffany Fallon losing in the first round I too found unfortunate. Seeing no Playmate from 2004 make it to the second round […]

November 2009 issue - first thoughts

Well this is my last digital issue – unless my complaints re the rotten double issue are taken seriously at HQ and I am absolutely delighted to report that I got the Marge Simpson cover!

This is a GREAT GREAT cover! I am positively over the moon cos I thought it wouldn’t be available to subscribers.

Sadly […]

For the first not voting Blonde for P.O.Y

PMOY by public opinion will be a close call between Hope Dworaczyk, Candice Cassidy and Jessica Burciaga. Jessica will probably lose out since she is not on the best of terms with those who matter. Hope sure seems the likely winner at the moment. Candice had the best centerfold by far and this is the […]