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Retrospective Playmate Ranking - 2009

This is my ranking and I’m sticking with it. In my book, Dasha was a poor choice for 50th Anniversary Playmate, as I ranked her below the Shannon twins. The Shannon twins are tied in my book, but since Karissa was July, I’ll give Kristina the higher spot. I think Hope is this year’s best […]

November 2009 issue - first thoughts

Well this is my last digital issue – unless my complaints re the rotten double issue are taken seriously at HQ and I am absolutely delighted to report that I got the Marge Simpson cover!

This is a GREAT GREAT cover! I am positively over the moon cos I thought it wouldn’t be available to subscribers.

Sadly […]

Early PMOY guesses?

am throwing in my guess for 2010 PMOY, Hope Doworaczyk.

Other than her obvious beauty, and personality (great speaker, etc.), she seems to be joined at the hip(s) with the Shannon twins, Hef and the mansion.

Good friends, or good planning on her part? Both?


Miss December and altered history

Sorry Ted – I totally disagree that Crystal Harris is PM material.

Knowing that she is (yet another breast implanted) blonde is bad enough but the
facts she has had a nose job and that her earlier pics have been deleted from
the PB website just makes me think she isn’t so great looking in the first

The only […]

June issue and PMOY

PMOY 2010 should make a few things clear to us. If it’s Hope, Candice or Jessica, then quite clearly the public choice is being respected. If it’s the Shannon Twins, then all that matters is who is involved with Hef. Even if its Dasha it will be a bit suspicious considering the kind of things […]