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My Top Twenty Playmates Of This Century So Far

Since the beginning of 2008, there hasn’t been a single Playmate who has become
a major personal favorite of mine. I have seen glimpses of both Ciara Price and
Rainy Day Jordan and can safely say that it’s almost impossible this will change
by the end of this year.

So here’s my list as it stands today after having […]

[PML1] GC 50 (late and long)

I go from no job (and no money) to new job that sucks every spare hour from my life. I’m not complaining, I just wish this job had showed up *before* GC did. Would have bought more stuff, gotten more snapshots. Ya, I know, cry you a river.

One […]

LA-GC #48

While this upcoming show does not have many GC first-timers (Karen
Velez, Stacy Arthur, and Kelley Thompson [Sun]), #48 does present some
great opportunities for fans and collectors. For one thing, the
following playmates will be making, according to my records, their
first GC appearances in LA: Cheryl Bachman, Candace Collins, Sylvie
Garant, Patti McGuire, and Kathy Shower. […]