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GC 48 (long)

Man, I had no idea how much it could suck being unemployed and having this kind of hobby (autograph collecting). I’d say I missed about half of the show’s attendees because of that, I just couldn’t get as much stuff.

One of the first Playmates I went to was India Allen. Hadn’t seen her in a […]

LA-GC #48

While this upcoming show does not have many GC first-timers (Karen
Velez, Stacy Arthur, and Kelley Thompson [Sun]), #48 does present some
great opportunities for fans and collectors. For one thing, the
following playmates will be making, according to my records, their
first GC appearances in LA: Cheryl Bachman, Candace Collins, Sylvie
Garant, Patti McGuire, and Kathy Shower. […]

June issue and PMOY

PMOY 2010 should make a few things clear to us. If it’s Hope, Candice or Jessica, then quite clearly the public choice is being respected. If it’s the Shannon Twins, then all that matters is who is involved with Hef. Even if its Dasha it will be a bit suspicious considering the kind of things […]