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Conclusions After Semi Finalists Are Announced In Favorite Playmate Bracket

Firstly I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I did not get even one semi finalist correct.

Actually among all the people who shared their bracket selections with me, only one got two correct, two got one correct and the rest scored a pure zook like me.

Even worse is that none of us have […]

Re: Favorite Playmate Bracket

Yes I too like Stephanie more than Jayde. I didn’t expect Stephanie to defeat Jayde but I am glad she did.

Kelly Carrington losing was a surprise. I didn’t know Crystal McCahill is that popular.

Tiffany Fallon losing in the first round I too found unfortunate. Seeing no Playmate from 2004 make it to the second round […]

Retrospective Playmate Ranking of the 2000s

I am only doing a Top 5 of each year, there is a lot of ties on the 5 spot because I thought many of them are equally worthy of a top 5 spot. I also have in parenthesis my top 20 of the decade. This is a very important decade to me, because it […]

Re: Playmate Invites

Erik, are you sure Deanna and LMH are still room mates? On Twitter Deanna never mentions LMH and seems to be best friends with Shannon James instead.

What’s the latest on Crista Nicole? Why is she gone forever?

As for Nicole Voss getting married, that’s wonderful. If she wants to step out of […]