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January / February 2010 issue - first thoughts

I’ve been gone from here for essentially the last couple months. Subscription ran out with the October issue, and sadly, I decided not to renew. Not sure why, other than I was getting tired of being disappointed. The rehashed pictorials, the shorter playmate stories, the double issue. And, perhaps most symbolically of all that’s gone […]

Retrospective Playmate Ranking of the 2000s

I am only doing a Top 5 of each year, there is a lot of ties on the 5 spot because I thought many of them are equally worthy of a top 5 spot. I also have in parenthesis my top 20 of the decade. This is a very important decade to me, because it […]

Retrospective Playmate Ranking - 2009

This is my ranking and I’m sticking with it. In my book, Dasha was a poor choice for 50th Anniversary Playmate, as I ranked her below the Shannon twins. The Shannon twins are tied in my book, but since Karissa was July, I’ll give Kristina the higher spot. I think Hope is this year’s best […]

GC 48 (long)

Man, I had no idea how much it could suck being unemployed and having this kind of hobby (autograph collecting). I’d say I missed about half of the show’s attendees because of that, I just couldn’t get as much stuff.

One of the first Playmates I went to was India Allen. Hadn’t seen her in a […]

LA-GC #48

While this upcoming show does not have many GC first-timers (Karen
Velez, Stacy Arthur, and Kelley Thompson [Sun]), #48 does present some
great opportunities for fans and collectors. For one thing, the
following playmates will be making, according to my records, their
first GC appearances in LA: Cheryl Bachman, Candace Collins, Sylvie
Garant, Patti McGuire, and Kathy Shower. […]

For the first not voting Blonde for P.O.Y

PMOY by public opinion will be a close call between Hope Dworaczyk, Candice Cassidy and Jessica Burciaga. Jessica will probably lose out since she is not on the best of terms with those who matter. Hope sure seems the likely winner at the moment. Candice had the best centerfold by far and this is the […]

Early PMOY guesses?

am throwing in my guess for 2010 PMOY, Hope Doworaczyk.

Other than her obvious beauty, and personality (great speaker, etc.), she seems to be joined at the hip(s) with the Shannon twins, Hef and the mansion.

Good friends, or good planning on her part? Both?


Miss December and altered history

Sorry Ted – I totally disagree that Crystal Harris is PM material.

Knowing that she is (yet another breast implanted) blonde is bad enough but the
facts she has had a nose job and that her earlier pics have been deleted from
the PB website just makes me think she isn’t so great looking in the first

The only […]